“The Kangaroo Chronicles”: New start in the cinema today – new 3D scene, cast and trailer

Today is the cinema restart of “The Kangaroo Chronicles”. The film comes with a new 3D scene. All information about the plot, cast and trailer can be found here.

The film “The Kangaroo Chronicles” could only be shown for a few days in March due to the Corona pandemic, but attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers to the cinemas. Today the film starts as “Reloaded” version with a 3D scene as an addition. All information about the restart, plot, cast, trailer, FSK and length of the literary adaptation can be read here.

Restart today: “The Kangaroo Chronicles” with a new 3D scene
“The Kangaroo Chronicles” will be released again in cinemas today, July 2, 2020. The strip will be called “Reloaded” – and contains, compared to the first version, a new 3D scene.

The actual start was some time ago: On March 5, the film was first released, but had to be removed from the program after a successful start week due to the corona pandemic.

Plot: That’s what “The Kangaroo Chronicles” is about
The small artist Marc-Uwe lives undisturbed in Berlin-Kreuzberg – until one day a kangaroo rings his doorbell. The communist marsupial has occupied an apartment in the same building, but is wanted by the police. That’s why it moves in with Marc-Uwe – and finds a “partner in crime” in the anarchist. Together, the unequal roommates go into battle against a construction project by a right-wing populist that would result in the end of a Berlin park.

Cast: These actors belong to the cast of “The Kangaroo Chronicles”.
Director Dani Levy hired a top star of German cinema for the literary film adaptation – and gave the role of the villain to Henry Hübchen. You can find an overview of the cast here:

  • Volker Zack: Motion Capture of the Kangaroo
  • Marc-Uwe Kling: Narrator and voice of the kangaroo
  • Dimitrij Schaad: Marc-Uwe Kling
  • Rosalie Thomass: Maria
  • Henry Hübchen: Jörg Dwigs
  • Bettina Lamprecht: Jeanette

This is the latest trailer for “The Kangaroo Chronicles”
Since the film has already been released, a detailed trailer is available:

“The Kangaroo Chronicles”: FSK and length of the film
The FSK has released “The Kangaroo Chronicles” without age restriction. The length of the film is 92 minutes, which is also still within the child-friendly range.