Big “Star Wars” event: Four films back in the cinema from today

Since few new films are currently being released in cinemas, the operators* fall back on popular classics. Thanks to CinemaxX you can watch “Star Wars” starting tomorrow.

Check that out: Since a few weeks the cinemas in Germany are allowed to open their doors again. However, since the planned blockbusters have all been postponed, the cinemas have changed their minds. Instead of new films, classics and highlights from the last years will be shown. Starting tomorrow, fans can look forward to another successful franchise. CinemaxX will show four films from the “Star Wars” universe from 2 July 2020.

Sit back and enjoy “Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force” on a big screen as well as the sequel “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. If you want to see how it all began one more time – or maybe even for the first time – don’t miss the prequel “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. For “Star Wars” fans of the first hour CinemaxX has a very special surprise ready. Because in addition to the new films from the popular franchise, the cinema will also be showing “The Empire Strikes Back”. So if you want to experience one of the biggest plottwists in film history on the big screen, you should order your ticket quickly here.

Cinema in times of Corona

Due to the Corona crisis, the visit to the cinema has changed. All guests are requested to order their tickets online in advance. This not only avoids contact with the staff, the operators also know in advance how many visitors they can expect. In addition, similar to other public places, a mask is compulsory. While the spectators are in the queue or at another place in the foyer, they are not allowed to take off their masks. Only those who are sitting in the assigned place in the cinema hall are allowed to take off their mask.

Of course, all cinemas are also provided with distance markings to show visitors a safety distance of 1.5 metres. Another innovation is the different playing times of the films. In order to be able to guarantee the minimum distance also in the foyer and not only at the seats, the films start at different times. This means that the guests do not appear at the same time. Further information about the security measures in CinemaxX can be found on the official website of the cinema chain.

Marvel miracle: Damned X-Men movie comes to the cinema after all

There’s no Marvel film that’s been postponed as often as Mutants. Originally, the X-Men spin-off was supposed to come to the theaters in 2018. Now a new start has finally been determined.

Someone really doesn’t want New Mutants to be released. At least that’s how it looks when you look at the production history of the X-Men spin-off, which was shot in 2017 and was originally supposed to come to the cinemas in April 2018. The Marvel film has been postponed five times since then. Now finally a new theatrical release is certain.

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Disney unveils the new date for New Mutants in a press release. The last date planned for the theatrical release was April. Now the offshoot will conquer the big screen from August 27, 2020. One thing is particularly exciting: Disney is sticking to a cinema release despite all the setbacks in the past.

Marvel film New Mutants is definitely coming to the cinema
This is now all taken for granted. Irrespective of the bumpy production history that New Mutants has had to endure, the Corona pandemic in recent weeks and months has ensured that numerous studios and distributors have released their films directly to various streaming services.

Watch the trailer for New Mutans:

Disney itself released the fantasy blockbuster Artemis Fowl in the USA on its own streaming service Disney+ in June. On Friday Hamilton will also be joining in. The recording of the successful Broadway musical was supposed to be released in October 2021. Let’s hope that New Mutants can really keep its current release this time.

Check that Trailer here:

Read more: All about the X-Men spin-off, New Mutants
New Mutants was staged by Fate is a rotten traitor director Josh Boone. The cast consists of the following names: There’s Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy, who’s starred in films like The Witch, Thoroughbred and most recently Emma. There are also Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga.

“The Kangaroo Chronicles”: New start in the cinema today – new 3D scene, cast and trailer

Today is the cinema restart of “The Kangaroo Chronicles”. The film comes with a new 3D scene. All information about the plot, cast and trailer can be found here.

The film “The Kangaroo Chronicles” could only be shown for a few days in March due to the Corona pandemic, but attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers to the cinemas. Today the film starts as “Reloaded” version with a 3D scene as an addition. All information about the restart, plot, cast, trailer, FSK and length of the literary adaptation can be read here.

Restart today: “The Kangaroo Chronicles” with a new 3D scene
“The Kangaroo Chronicles” will be released again in cinemas today, July 2, 2020. The strip will be called “Reloaded” – and contains, compared to the first version, a new 3D scene.

The actual start was some time ago: On March 5, the film was first released, but had to be removed from the program after a successful start week due to the corona pandemic.

Plot: That’s what “The Kangaroo Chronicles” is about
The small artist Marc-Uwe lives undisturbed in Berlin-Kreuzberg – until one day a kangaroo rings his doorbell. The communist marsupial has occupied an apartment in the same building, but is wanted by the police. That’s why it moves in with Marc-Uwe – and finds a “partner in crime” in the anarchist. Together, the unequal roommates go into battle against a construction project by a right-wing populist that would result in the end of a Berlin park.

Cast: These actors belong to the cast of “The Kangaroo Chronicles”.
Director Dani Levy hired a top star of German cinema for the literary film adaptation – and gave the role of the villain to Henry Hübchen. You can find an overview of the cast here:

  • Volker Zack: Motion Capture of the Kangaroo
  • Marc-Uwe Kling: Narrator and voice of the kangaroo
  • Dimitrij Schaad: Marc-Uwe Kling
  • Rosalie Thomass: Maria
  • Henry Hübchen: Jörg Dwigs
  • Bettina Lamprecht: Jeanette

This is the latest trailer for “The Kangaroo Chronicles”
Since the film has already been released, a detailed trailer is available:

“The Kangaroo Chronicles”: FSK and length of the film
The FSK has released “The Kangaroo Chronicles” without age restriction. The length of the film is 92 minutes, which is also still within the child-friendly range.